Tea Party for Two

Well, it was a great success!

I had an impromptu tea party with my mom. She is widowed and frankly has a larger social life than moi, and she still loves to party. For my birthday, she gave me a check and I quickly purchased my favorite teapot of the moment. I decided that no one needs to get married to buy your favored china pattern. I am single but got the china anyway! And it was still a gift! Lol

So I excitedly started gathering my tea party “tools” and setting up my tablescape. I have the matching dessert plates/salad plates, cups and saucers. Of course the tiered server, a knockout tray, fresh flowers, tea party hats, a cute, printed story about teapots, party favors, gifts for “just because”, flatware, iced tea glasses, lace napkins, doilies, placemats, lace tablecloth, etc. – you get the picture!

My mom doesn’t like to drive in the dark, so I had an afternoon “high tea”. It’s not too dark early yet these days but setting a precedent here! We chose our desired Harney and Sons tea and we were off to the party! I was very pleased with the tablescape and more importantly I got to share a memory making moment with my mother.

For the tiered plate server, I filled it with tiny finger sandwiches of egg salad, mini cupcakes, and mini slices of strawberry-rippled cheesecake. It looked as good as it tasted! I’m going to have to learn how to make more of the tea party fare, but was stuck because I’m on Weight Watchers or WW as they are called now. So I looked up desserts on the WW website and was stunned at how many great little tea party dessert recipes they have. I didn’t have time to bake this time around but next time for sure!

We took selfies, (mom loves selfies) and she asked me to send the pics to her iPad. We are so proud. She’s 87 and texting. So now we have great memories recorded and it went so well that I’m currently planning a tea party for friends this time.

So before you decide that tea parties are not your thing, think twice. Because they really are fun. They can be updated to use a modern tea service set. It is still cool for Millennials who like the “less is more” approach, and you can personalize it any way you like. I love the traditional tea party, but you may favor a more Far East spread, or whatever you desire. And it’s also for men! What man does not like food?! It just depends on your man!

I, for one, am a believer in tea. My mom taught me very well!

Hello Hello Hello!!!

Welcome to my new blog about FOOD, COOKING, BAKING, COFFEE, TEA, TEA PARTIES, ENTERTAINING, WEIGHT LOSS, SHOPPING, RECIPES and other miscellaneous topics!! This will be a work in progress as I blog and learn simultaneously.

My name is Cathy and I’ve always loved the kitchen. In fact I also took a few professional classes before deciding it was pretty hard on my back to stand all day in a restaurant. But I did and still do love it! Join me and have fun reading about my adventures in food. Feel free to follow my blog! I’d love to hear back from you. So until my next blog, see ya soon!!

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